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Tribute to Siera Redwin

"Find me a horse,
as red as the sun.
Find me a blade
that will make their blood run.

I will ride out at dawn
while the sun's in the sky,
so the buzzards can see
where the bodies will lie."

- Excerpt from filk song "The Temper of Revenge" by Julie Ecklar

Siera Redwin was the sort of "no-gruff taking" soldier that an orc could respect. The first time I met Siera, she challenged me to a match in the basement of the Red Dragon Inn and soundly thrashed me in the Duel of Swords. There isn't a better way to impress an orc. Our friendshipship lasted from that day on until she met her death on the field of battle.

I still remember the very first Diamond Quest. After Ulath took the Diamond, Siera, Prince Fyre, and I held the very first Diamond Hangover Preparation Celebration. (In other words we all got drunk) She fought like a warrior; she drank like a warrior. She was a warrior's warrior. Down to her very core, Siera was the kind of soldier that did her duty and met adversity head on, with bare steel clenched in her fist and fire in her eyes.

Long will her blade be remembered in the arena as a source of great humility for those who did challenge her as they fell time and time again to her skill.

If there is a warrior's heaven, Siera is surely there making glorious war.

-Jake Thrash

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