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Orcish Recipe Ales

Orcish Red Ale

Orcish Black Ale

Human Recipe Ales

Created in tribute to Siera of Redwin, Bane's Brew is a hearty red ale with real bite to it (just like the warrior herself), but a smooth aftertaste. Try some today! And if your local tavern doesn't carry it? Complain!

Also made by Red Orc Brewing (when the orc isn't looking)...

Goblin Recipe Brews

Raspberry Brew

The Goblin's Special!

Goblin Raspberry Brew

A light fruity brew that will tickle your tastebuds and is guaranteed to make any night more fun!

And don't forget to try the seasonal brews!

Goblin Winter Brew

Goblin Spring Brew

Goblin Summer Brew

Buy some today!

Red Orc ales are on stock and available for your next party, wedding, tournament, or war! Stock up early and make sure that you have enough for your guests! See our price list for availability.

Special! Red Orc Brewery is also a importer and supplier of the Dwarven Skullsplitter Ale at the request of the famed Janella Vallonia. Order yours today! Quantities limited!

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