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Description: 6'2" tall half-orc, dressed in leather trousers, vest and bracers, and a home-spun cloth shirt. He wears two matched and heavily worn blades which he has named "Death to All Who Oppose Me" and "Bud" respectively. Upon his right bracer he wears a series of stones that reflect his accomplishments in the Duel of Fists. The sequence of the stones goes "Glass, Jade, Glass, Jade, Ruby, Jade, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Emerald, Opal (blue), and Emerald."

Hobbies: Beating things up, guzzling ale, playing Diamondback.

Occupation: Beating things up (he is an orc after all).

Favorite Quotes: "Punch 'em inna face!"

Sword Graphic

History: [the history of Jake Thrash, abridged version]

A violence-obsessed half-orc, born in the burning lands north of the Plains of Blood, Jake was the offspring of an orcish mother and a human father. Raised among the orcish breeding pens along with the other orc whelps, Jake learned early on how to fight to survive. Recruited young by orcish war-bosses, he spent the next decade learning the arts of combat in the Plains of Blood where the orcs made constant war with the humans to the south. After surviving a decade in orcish war parties, Jake stumbled across an ancient Gateway, which transported him to RhyDin.

The half-orc spent many years as a mercenary, selling the services of his swords to bands of adventurers raiding dungeons, castles, and enemy lands. Among his adventures he eventually found himself in RhyDin where he settled down and opened the Red Orc Brewery. He spends much of his free time fighting in the Arena (where he met Siera Red), or the Outback, but has also been known to hang out in the taverns and fighting pits of Badside.

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